Who We Are:

We are a membership community of like-minded female leaders, who share life ambitions and strive to empower their communities. Lioness women are self-motivated, generous and supportive, fostering mutual exchange and growth through the pursuit of intellectual, professional and social interests.

A thoughtfully curated group, our members represent diverse backgrounds including PhDs, lawyers, surgeons, musicians, professionals, owners of small, medium and large businesses, and corporate professionals. We understand that learning never stops and it is our core practice to create spaces that encourage learning and knowledge-sharing within the community.

What We Do:

Through our activities, we aim to drive success, foster deeper conversations and offer platforms for exchange, both locally and globally.

Lioness Lounge On-Line – is a virtual platform for members to converse, make connections, promote their business, make friends, create social liasons per interests and hobbies, search for trusted experts and professionals in the community, locally and worldwide.

Lioness Lounge Life – Lioness Lounge Life social and networking events afford like-minded women an opportunity to network and share their expertise during live meet-ups in small groups of 25 members. This is an intimate platform, exclusively available to our members, to raise and discuss issues related to business, investments, finance, marketing, travel, art, culture and other interests.

Lioness Business Bureau – Lioness Business Bureau business and networking live events are an intimate platform exclusively available to our members in small groups of up to 15 members to discuss business related issues, investment venues, brain storm and mastermind among experts in their respective areas.

Lioness Signature Events – Lioness Signature Events, open to the public are exquisite networking events held by Lioness Embrace, the Club’s philanthropic initiative designed to support charitable causes. At these events we embrace and support causes related to child abuse, sex trafficking, woman’s education, domestic violence, raise awareness about breast cancer., etc.The proceeds from Lioness Signature Events are directed to fund these causes to make a difference in other’s lives.

Lioness Success Academy Online – comprised of four Faculties, Women Mastery, Business School, Wellness Sciences and Arts Faculty Lioness Success Academy facilitates continuous learning.
We offer masterclasses, learning workshops and modules taught by leading experts in the areas of personal growth, relationship, leadership, sales, marketing, public relationship, style, business techniques, etc.

Philosophy - Living, Learning, Illuminating

Everything comes true when a decision to be happy becomes a lifestyle…

At Lioness Women’s Club, it is our endeavour to relentlessly build and promote meaningful and quality environment that contributes towards the spirit of success and well-being of womanhood.

We thrive on three key principles: Living, Learning and Illuminating.

Through Living we inspire members to live a life they will love and aspire to experience every day.

To Lioness, this means cherishing meaningful moments, living life on our own terms, indulging in captivating conversations, travels, the arts, living in style.

We firmly believe that Learning is a continuous process and that the road to success is always under construction. At Lioness, we see success as multifaceted -starting from belief and confidence in what we do; firm principles and ethics; mastery of relationships; knowledge of techniques necessary to promote your business, your brand, your image. Collectively, our membership strives to mentor, encourage, and empower each other to pursue and achieve rounded success.

The ethos of Illuminating and illuminated living connects with enlightening ourselves and the lives of those around us.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

We believe that powerful women should also radiate warmth, kindness and an inner beauty of character, illuminating inside out. Happiness and fulfilment should be shared with our loved ones and our communities; hardly anything can be compared with a delight of paying it forward.

Lioness has transformed into a movement.
Through the convergence of intellect, professional and social interest, together we can achieve and transcend material security and stability to lead illuminated lives.

We believe it.
We live it. 

Jane Katkova Brown
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Irena Lasker
Director of Membership Services


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Natalya Tyumentseva
Customer Care Department, Manager


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Jane Katkova, Founder

A successful business woman in the legal industry, Jane has been providing immigration advice to private clients, corporations and local community organizations and assisted all in reaching their short and long term goals/needs. Having secured a stellar reputation of a highly experienced, ethical and reliable immigration council, Jane built her practice largely on the referrals from her previous Clients.

Jane founded the Lioness Women’s Club in 2010 to bring together like-minded women locally and from around the globe to share the passion for conversation, beauty, style and success. Lioness was born out of pursuit for self fulfillment, serving a higher purpose and a strong conviction that women who expand their minds, share their wisdom, support each other`s growth  and inspire others,  make a lasting  impact on our society, culture and values.

“The road to success is always under construction. One of the major qualities of the Lioness is a desire to keep growing personally and professionally, move towards   fulfillment of  goals and dreams. Only with a belief in ourselves and understanding our purpose we are able to  live a meaningful life,  make a lasting impact, build an inspiring legacy. Our emotional energy and poise, strength and aspiration will arouse enthusiasm, support and respect in others . This vibe multiplied thousand voices will illuminate around and create a movement to make this world a better and kinder place. “

Jane created a place where women could connect and expand their personal and business networks, learn to lead their communities, talk about things they love, learn from each other and simply have fun. As a woman of action, Jenny believes in loyalty. She envisions Lioness as a hub, where members promote each other, support each other, and benefit from each other’s referrals; a network where seasoned entrepreneurs would mentor and assist young professionals in their first steps in the business world.

An active community member and an arts and culture aficionado, Jenny was invited to the Board of the Hermitage Museum Foundation of Canada.

About Veronika Barbakadze

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About Irena Lasker

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About Natalya Tyumentseva

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Lioness is a strong force, driven by our ambitious, intelligent and powerful women. We are proud of our shared history and our community.

To make sure the space we co-create is kind and empowering, we expect that all Lioness members will commit to act in line with our Code of Ethics and Good Practice.

Our Code articulates a common set of values and ensures a safe, amicable and respectful space for celebrating the spirit of Lioness – mutual respect, loyalty and mentorship among our members.


  • Understands, supports and promotes the Vision and Mission of the Lioness Women’s Club;
  • Conducts business and professional activities in a reputable manner that upholds to the principles of fairness and integrity in rendering her professional services to another Lioness member;
  • Whenever reasonably possible, participates in the activities and functions of Lioness Women’s Club;
  • Refrains from inappropriate sharing of other member’s data, such as e-mail address, contact numbers or other privileged information available in the “members only” area of the site;
  • Upholds our tradition of mutual support and co-operation, recognizing the diverse background and lifestyle of every individual.

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